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Anthony Ty Johnson

Anthony Ty Johnson showed a connection to music from a very small age. He began reading music and playing with others in the sixth grade, and continued throughout middle and high school. Being self-taught, he listens to and watches musicians and emulates what he hears. In 2014, he founded the fusion trio, Thumpa & the Bunch, and recorded their debut album, “2 Steps Forward, 1 Look Back”. After he graduated from high school up into the present, he writes and instructs drumline at Bella Vista High School (where he previously attended). He attends American River College and is taught by the likes of Dr. Joe Gilman, Rick Lotter, Alex Jenkins, and Mike Crain. He began teaching at The Drum Lab in early 2015, teaching students of all ages and skill. He continues to push his students to be the best musicians they can be, as well as pushing himself as an educator. Currently his playing schedule consists of session work with various artists, and a number of projects such as Miros, Duplicity, and Memories of Tomorrow.

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Athony’s Setup

This will give you some understanding of what he plays.


  1. 22x18 Kick
  2. 10x8 Tom
  3. 12x9 Tom
  4. 16x14 Floor Tom
  5. 5x14 Snare
  6. Zildjian Cymbals

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