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Friday – Granite Bay


Bass – Violin – Piano

Jessica Luna

Jessica Luna comes from a family of musicians, who exposed her to music at a very young age. At the age of three, Jessica began playing violin, with a heavy emphasis in the Suzuki method. In conjunction to her intensive Suzuki method studies, Jessica would also complete many levels of the Certificate of Merit Program for violin while still at a very young age.

During middle school and high school,  Jessica became extremely infatuated with the bass guitar. During these invaluable years of her life, Jessica toured to Canada, Hawaii and Boston where she would perform at various events. Arguably the most notable included a performance held at a Nikelodian kids choice awards show.

Through her studies with bassist and educator Gerry Pineda, Jessica has been exposed to an extremely broad range of musical styles which include, jazz, funk, Latin, pop, and classical. In addition to bass studies, Jessica has furthered her violin studies as she recently completed courses which have earned her the title of a certified Suzuki violin instructor. 

In more recent years, Jessica has managed to establish herself as a professional musician and educator throughout the greater Sacramento area. Jessica is the full time bassist for the Sacramento based band, Todd Morgan & The Emblems, as well as performs regularly with the Kaylee Starr Project, Sacramento State Jazz Ensemble, and the Jazz Sessions at the Naked Lounge house band.

Because of her well-versed background in both classical violin and bass guitar, Jessica is an ideal instructor for students just starting out, as well as the aspiring professional looking to expand their musical palette. 



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Jessica’s Setup

Jessica has a few setups she uses. This will give you some understanding of what she plays.

  1. Fender 50s precision bass with bartolini pick ups
  2. Musicman Stingray 5 string bass
  3. A Shen Upright bass with realist pickup
  4. Genz Benz Shuttle 3.0 amp with single 10 cab.
  5. Little mark tube 800 amp head with GK 2x12 cab