66% of people have, at some point, had some form of musical education. While academic education is important, parents shouldn’t underestimate the value of music lessons. 

But why bother with music lessons? Can they actually improve your child’s life? We’re here to talk about it.

Read on to learn all about the benefits of sending your child to music lessons in Granite Bay.

1. Music Lessons Are a Creative Outlet

Having a creative outlet is crucial for children. Not all children are visual artists or writers, but this shouldn’t mean that they shouldn’t have a creative venture to pursue. By teaching them music, they get to open up a world of creative possibilities.

Having a creative outlet can relieve stress and improve the child’s creativity in other areas. Your child musician may become a better artist or writer when they get their “creative juices” flowing in their music classes.

2. They May Improve the Child’s Academic Performance

There’s a correlation between musical ability and success in school. While this won’t apply to all children, many children who take music lessons score better on standardized tests, have an easier time retaining information, and more.

They specifically tend to score better in math and English classes.

Even if your child doesn’t have dreams of becoming a professional musician with their skills, they will improve their chances of following their career aspirations due to their better school performance.

3. They Can Boost Self-Esteem

Many children and teenagers experience poor self-esteem. Taking music lessons may help. But why?

Children like to feel accomplished. When you’re child is taking guitar lessons, voice, lessons, and even bass guitar lessons, they’re working toward goals. They may be learning specific songs or even just chords.

When they achieve their musical goals, they’ll feel a burst of high self-esteem. 

Children who perform may also have higher self-esteem. They may have lower levels of stage fright (which will help them in the future when it comes to giving speeches or presentations). 

4. They’re Good for Developing Motor Skills

While children develop gross motor skills by running and playing with their friends, fine motor skills are a bit more difficult for them. Your child can develop fine motor more quickly if they take music lessons.

Consider all of the delicate and precise movements required of a child when they take piano lessons or guitar lessons in Granite Bay. Those small movements will help children do things like hold pencils, color, tie shoes, and more even if they seem unrelated.

Does Your Child Need Music Lessons?

If you know your child has an aptitude for music, or if they’ve expressed interest, it might be time to sign them up for music lessons in Granite Bay. Music lessons don’t just teach music. They can improve and enrich a child’s life.

At Music Lab, we offer music lessons to people of all ages. Sign up today and your child can start their musical journey.