The invention of the bass guitar arguably started in the 1930s, though the first electric bass guitar was invented by Leo Fender and first marketed in the 1950s. Since then, both hobbyists and rockers have developed a love for this instrument. 

If you’re interested in learning for yourself, the best way is to take bass guitar lessons. Here are five reasons you need to start taking lessons here in Granite Bay and the benefits you can experience. 

1. Easy for New Players to Pick Up

The bass guitar is a good beginner instrument. How long it takes you to master it depends on you as a student, but even absolute beginners can pick it up after six months or so. 

Taking lessons will teach you the proper techniques you need to master the basics. Additionally, it will get you practicing on a regular basis. 

2. You Can Play in a Band

While you might not start playing in a band until you learn the instrument better, the bass guitar is a key part of an ensemble. The bass guitar pulls all the other instruments together; it sets the rhythm and groove and works in tandem with the drummer.

Playing bass guitar can also allow you to learn some of your favorite songs. 

3. It’s Good for Your Brain Health

There have been plenty of studies on the effects of music on the brain, but playing an instrument presents even more benefits. Playing an instrument can keep your brain healthy by engaging the major parts of the central nervous system. 

Stringed instruments that require the left hand and the right hand to perform different motions activate the peripheral nervous system. 

Playing an instrument is a workout for the brain overall. Regularly practicing can keep your brain healthy. 

4. Gain a New Hobby

Learning to play bass guitar is a great hobby. You can continually get better, learn new songs, play with others, and see your progress as you get better at those songs. 

Another one of the benefits of bass guitar lessons is that you can improve more quickly. You’ll learn to avoid and correct mistakes. 

5. Develop a Love for Music

Perhaps most importantly, you’ll likely develop a deep and lifelong love for music. Although you can pick up the basics of bass guitar relatively quickly, it can take years to master the instrument.

Lessons can help you on your path toward getting better. You’ll continue to learn from your instructor, hone your skills, and watch yourself grow as a musician. 

You might also find a love for other instruments and styles of music. 

Are You Ready to Take Bass Guitar Lessons? 

As you can see, there many benefits to taking bass guitar lessons and picking up this much-loved instrument. Students of all ages can learn as long as you take the first step. 

Sign up for bass guitar lessons here in Granite Bay to get started today. Simply tell us about your skill level, the styles you’re interested in, and your goals. Soon, you’ll be playing bass guitar like a pro.