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Monday-Friday – Granite Bay


Piano – Classic Guitar – Flute

Astrid Boehm

Astrid Boehm is a classically trained musician with teaching and performance degrees from the University of Music, Vienna, Austria.An in-demand musician in the Sacramento area, Astrid plays well over forty performances a year on piano, keyboard, bassoon, flute, saxophone and clarinet. Though her heart will always be in classical music, as a pit musician for Broadway shows, she teaches all musical styles.

Astrid has been a classroom music teacher for children K through 8th grade for many years. As a private piano teacher, Astrid’s focus has always been on teaching children not only technique, but also passion for music. Her approach is individualized towards each child’s ability and taste in music, while making sure the fundamentals are taught in a playful manner tailored to the student’s age.

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Astrid’s Setup

Strid has a few setups she uses. This will give you some understanding of what she plays.

1. Yamaha GH1 Grand Piano
2. Korg Kross Keyboard
3. Kremona Sofia S63CW Classical Guitar
4. Armstrong 303B Flute