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Billy Maerdian

Billy Maerdian began playing drums at the age of 12 and has since been active in many occupations of the music industry including performer, teacher, composer, roadie, sound technician, and media production technician. After competing in multiple Battle of the Bands and performing with numerous rock/metal bands throughout the greater Sacramento and El Dorado County region during high school, Billy decided to pursue a degree in music and fulfill his lifelong passion. In 2014 he received his Bachelors of Arts degree from CSUS with 2 years studying classical percussion under Dan Kennedy, and 2 years studying jazz drumming under Rick Lotter and Tim Metz.

As a music educator Billy has taught private drum lessons since 2013. He has also worked as the concert band percussion specialist at Sacramento Country Day School since 2015, the winter drumline director at Galt and Liberty High since 2017, and is a substitute band director for Country Day as well as other public schools in the El Dorado County region. He is currently finishing his teaching credential to pursue a full-time band director position in addition to private lessons and performing.

Outside of teaching Billy performs regularly with an array of groups and musicians such as the Element Brass Band, Steven Coolidge, the Jane Thompson Trio, Runaway Stage Productions, H.art Jazz Jam (house drummer), and many more. In addition to drums/percussion, he has a background in guitar, piano, and music theory. Billy also works for Millennia Media as a production team member building world-class recording gear such as amplifiers, equalizers, and compressors/limiters.

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Billy’s Setup

This will give you some understanding of what he plays.


Jazz Kit: Gretsch Catalina

1. 5×14 snare

2. 8×12 rack tom

3. 14×14 floor tom

4. 14×18 bass drum

5. Cymbal Foundry hi-hats 14”

6. Istanbul Traditional Dark Ride 22”

7. Sabian 3-point Ride 21”

8. Zildjian K Bounce ride 22”

9. Aquarian Texture Coated Heads

Rock Kit: Yamaha Oak Custom

1. 14×5.5 snare

2. 10×8 rack tom

3. 12×9 rack tom

4. 14×14 floor tome

5. 20×17 bass drum

6. Sabian HH and AAX series cymbals

7. Remo Coated Ambassador Heads

Sticks: Vic Firth