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The Music Lab has been an Awesome experience for my daughter! She has been taking guitar lessons with ALEX Guerrero for over  6months. My daughter is very bright and therefore tends to get bored easily. Alex does a great job keeping her engaged. He offers multiple ways for her to learn the material, is patient, encouraging, and complimentary.  He also isn’t afraid to give her constructive criticism or feedback which is important when trying to learn new information. Specifically, if she hasn’t practiced and he can tell, he will address it with her.  He wants to work with students who are committed and serious about learning music.
My daughter has found a positive outlet with music. She is a fast learner but very hard on herself. Alex is great and keeping things positive and continuing to instruct.
My daughter had attended a summer music camp
Whereby she “learned” aka memorized 5 songs for a performance. Initially, I was excited she had learned the songs until I realized she didn’t know how to read music or the fundamentals which would allow her to go on Further.

In summary, if You are looking for immediate gratification, Alex is probably not the right fit. However, if you truly want your child to have an understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment for music, then you owe it to yourself and your child to give ALEX and The Music Lab a try! They offer drums and piano as well….

Kimberley N

Awesome place! I sent all 3 of my kids here and they have just went above and beyond with working with my kids and being patient with them. I believe they truly made a great impact on their lives and increased their confidence in excelling as musicians! Alex and the staff are some of the most passionate and loving people who are dedicated to investing into their students success. We love you guys!

Lidiya B

Alex has been such an inspiring teacher to my 11-year-old son. My son was almost quitting music, before starting lessons with Alex. My son jumps in the car for his lessons and I don’t have to push him to practice his music anymore.

Nazila H

Alex has been teaching my son and daughter guitar – they have been so happy with his lesson structure and abilities to connect with them. Music Lab is well organized and professional. We are so glad we found Alex and Music Lab!

Lindsey S

I can’t say enough good things about Alex.  He is a great instructor and has been very accommodating to my schedule and needs.  I wanted to surprise my teenage daughter with joint lessons so we could do something together.  I tried one of the popular stores and a different place before I found Alex.  I coach youth sports and my daughter plays high school sports so we have to change our appointment with each sport’s season.  Alex has been very understanding and accommodating.  He’s patient while instructing and is good at explaining/breaking down things so you can understand.  I’ve always wanted to learn guitar and self-taught a little bit but Alex is really helping me achieve my goal.

Greg B

Listening to my older son jam on the drums at home has been a sheer pleasure thanks to Cameron’s teaching.  After the last year, I am so pleased with the progress made I could not be happier.

I have a much younger son playing some introductory songs and scales thanks to Alex.  The way Alex and the Music Lab worked with my son has been a real stroke of luck for my son and I.  His advancement has been steady, positive, and filled with the moments of discovery confidence, and self-expression I had really hoped for.

I am grateful to the Music Lab, Cameron, and Alex.  Thanks much, keep up the great work


We’ve been here a year. We tried other music teachers in the Folsom/Roseville area and blessed to have found Music Lab Granite Bay! Alex is so great with my sons (even the one who doesn’t take lessons!). He instills a love and appreciation for music and creativity- taps into my son’s inner drive and forgives his mistakes in stride. Every week, we get to our lesson without complaint- which is a huge achievement for a kid! Fair pricing and flexible scheduling. I absolutely, hands down, recommend Alex to anyone- child or adult- looking for an excellent guitar teacher in the greater Sacramento area.

Carly R

I recently started taking classes with Alex Guerrero and my experience has been amazing. As a beginner level adult I felt a bit hesitant picking up a new instrument. Alex does a great job meeting you at your skill level. Professional and engaging with the perfect blend of music theory and creativity. I highly recommend for beginner to advanced levels of all ages.

Luke C

My 6 year old daughter has been taking piano lessons for the last few months and we love going here.  Fantastic music teachers, great communications, great prices, respectful owner, and very clean and zen. We love everything about this location.

Shadi Z

My son is taking guitar lessons with Alex. Alex is a wonderful teacher and really knows how to teach guitar to kids. My son looks forward to his guitar lessons with Alex. I would highly recommend Alex to anyone looking to learn guitar. He is easy to talk with and really has a passion for music. We have tried several different places for lessons and the teachers were ok but it was a struggle to get him motivated to go. With Alex it was a complete turnaround my son wants more time, more days and will practice because he wants to show him what he has done. We have had a great experience here.

Steve T

Music Lab is great! We’ve had lessons here for the last year and are very impressed with the quality of instruction and positive atmosphere.  Our child plans to major in music in college and Alex Guerrero, our guitar teacher, is helping to give her a head start in theory and technique so she is well prepared.  Alex has shown himself to be very knowledgeable, as well as kind and encouraging.  He has always made himself available to speak to us and responds to us promptly when we reach out to him.  We plan to continue lessons with Music Lab for many years to come as our child has learned so much already and continues to advance and grow under Alex’s direction.  Thanks, Alex!


Alex has been such an inspiring teacher to my 11-year-old son. My son was almost quitting music, before starting lessons with Alex. My son jumps in the car for his lessons and I don’t have to push him to practice his music anymore.

Nazila H

My son has been a student at the music lab for guitar lessons with Alex for couple of months. From the get go Alex’s instructions have been very positive and encouraging to my son (I sat in a lesson once when my son had started). The positiveness of Alex was infectious and I have never seen an instructor have such effect on a student. My son goes to the class every week with a lot of enthusiasm and returns with a smile and a positive attitude. I highly recommend Music lab and particularly Alex for guitar lessons.

Ali M

My son recorded his first drum cover here. Very professional and relaxed environment.

Mark O

Alex has been such a gift to my younger daughter. She is shy, sensitive, and can take some time to be confident with with new people.  After her first two lessons she said she felt comfortable with Alex.

She has been taking guitar for about 7 months now and it is one of the highlights of her week.  He not only takes the time to teach her but to also invest in her life.  He is patient and kind. She leaves each lesson smiling, happy, & excited to practice in the week ahead. I’m impressed by her progress, although not surprised as her heart it full of encouragement.

There have been times she has been frustrated at home & we have FaceTimed with Alex. He has always responded to phone calls, emails, & texts in a timely & positive manner.

For our child, Alex & the Music Lab are more than just guitar lessons, it has inspired confidence that radiates out into her everyday life.

If you are looking for a positive, nurturing environment for yourself or your child, in the world of music,  I would unequivocally recommend the Music Lab.

Katie M

Music Lab is one the best locations for music lessons in the area if you’re a beginner to intermediate. Customer service is excellent, and instructors are extremely friendly and very knowledgeable. Highly recommend!

Josh G

HANDS DOWN THE BEST MUSIC ACADEMY IN THE CITY OF SAC!!!!!! Do yourself a favor and ignore the 1 star review because that person just probably needs some lovin in their life 🙂 everyone who I have recommended to this lab so far LOVE their teachers and the environment here! I have been attending the music lab for 2 months already for vocal lessons and already have seen evident progress in my singing. I looked around for a few years for a Music academy/vocal coach that would help me grow in my singing and confidence. I can honestly say that my search is over because Music Lab is my home now  These folks pour their heart and passion out into you to see you grow and excel! Love you Music Lab!!!!!

Mary D

My 11-year-old daughter has been taking guitar lessons with Alex for approx. 2 years.  I cannot begin to say how much Alex has contributed to my daughter’s love and confidence with playing the guitar. My daughter for several years was so eager to play the guitar and finally, a few years ago she started taking lessons with Alex. She is a very strong-willed, very playful large-hearted child. Alex navigated through to the gold and took her willingness to learn and collaborated with my little girl. He turned her willingness into a passion to play the guitar while creating a safe environment for her to learn, to be inspired, and to also flourish. I  have seen her love for music grow and her ear for music become more in tune.  Often times there is much laughter and learning in their sessions and I absolutely love that because that tells me that this is not just a lesson but an experience that my daughter will never forget a fun learning experience! It shows every time she leaves her lesson with a big smile and earful for me about what she learned and the new song that she will conquer with the help of Alex. Alex is very uplifting and a breath of fresh air as an Instructor because he loves music and he loves seeing the gold in people. He cares, and he displays it through how he teaches. Someone once told me that music is a shared experience…I believe that is what Alex has contributed to my daughter’s life is a shared experience of music each lesson…. with deep gratitude, thank you Alex for taking your love for music and sharing that experience with my daughter and countless others you are truly an inspiration not only as a musician but also as an Instructor!!!

Kenyota D

The Music Lab has been the perfect fit for our daughter.  She has been taking guitar lessons with Alex for a year and a half and was only 5 years old when she started.  We had a difficult time finding someone who was willing to work with such a young student on the guitar due to finger strength/dexterity.  Alex was up for the challenge and embraced our daughter’s desire to learn at a young age.

Alex is encouraging, enthusiastic and his love of music is contagious.  He tailors each lesson to the individual student’s understanding that different methods resonate with different people.  If my daughter is struggling with something he will find a fun way to help her through it.  His patience is endless!  My daughter is often chatty and I love that he will graciously listen to her stories, but quickly get her back on track as to not waste precious instruction time.

My 10-year-old daughter is often in tow and is now wanting to start drum lessons. My husband who is a self-taught guitarist is hoping to free up some time for lessons with Alex as well.  I’m telling you, the energy is contagious here!

I’ve personally had many music instructors over the years and can be quite critical and underwhelmed.  I’m so grateful we found The Music’s been such a pleasant surprise.

Amber M

My son recorded his first drum cover here. Very professional and relaxed environment.

Mark O

Let me start off by saying that we love the music lab. We have two children that attend this facility. One plays the drums and the other guitar.

My son has been playing the drums for the past five years with the music lab. The instructors are great and have a huge passion for their students. We have had 2 drum instructors over the past five years and have been very pleased with both. They make amazing cover videos when your child has accomplished a new song.

My daughter has been taking guitar lessons with Alex since July. She looks forward to her lesson every week. She has had major growth in just a few months. Alex is great with the kids and very encouraging. I would highly recommend the music lab. Alex is a great communicator via text,phone and email.

Dana G

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